New Zealand Plant Conservation Network

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New Zealand Plant Conservation Network

The New Zealand Plant Conservation Network (NZPCN) is a



The Network was founded in 2003 and has a worldwide membership.

ecological restoration programmes, and private landowners.[1]


The Network has a vision that "no indigenous species of plant will become extinct nor be placed at risk of extinction as a result of human action or indifference, and that the rich, diverse and unique plant life of New Zealand will be recognised, cherished and restored".[2]

The Network works to disseminate indigenous plant information via its website and publications; coordinate the ex-situ management of threatened plant species; deliver plant conservation training programmes; and undertake activities to protect threatened plant species and

plant communities in-situ.[3][4][5]


Since the Network was founded it has built a plant conservation website that stores information about all indigenous and naturalised plants in New Zealand, established a national

seed bank for threatened plants, and developed a plant conservation training programme for Māori.[4]


The Network publishes Trilepidea, their monthly newsletter, and has published checklists of New Zealand indigenous vascular plants and naturalised plants.[6][7] Plant conservation awards are given annually by the Network.[8]


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