Salisbury Sound

Coordinates: 57°21′38″N 135°46′52″W / 57.36056°N 135.78111°W / 57.36056; -135.78111
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Salisbury Sound is a

Southeast Alaska. It is about 40 km (25 mi) northwest of the city of Sitka
, and within the limits of Sitka City and Borough.

Salisbury Sound was named by Captain

Captain James Cook on 2 May 1778, Zund Klokacheva by navigator Ivan Vasiliev in 1809, and Protiv Olgi by Captain Tebenkov.[1]

Salisbury Sound is the namesake of the

USS Salisbury Sound


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57°21′38″N 135°46′52″W / 57.36056°N 135.78111°W / 57.36056; -135.78111