Primate Conservation (journal)

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Primate Conservation

Primate Conservation is a journal published by the

conservation research and papers on primate species, particularly status surveys and studies on distribution and ecology.[1] Besides these regular papers, the journal has also been a significant place for primatologists
to publish descriptions of new primate species in Primate Conservation.

New primate species descriptions

From South America, this includes the

Madidi titi (Plecturocebus aureipalatii, Syn.: Callicebus aureipalatii).[4] From the island of Madagascar, new lemur species scientifically described in the pages of the journal include the Montagne d'Ambre dwarf lemur or Andy Sabin's dwarf lemur (Cheirogaleus andysabini),[5] the Ankarana dwarf lemur (Cheirogaleus shethi),[6] and two new species of mouse lemurs (Microcebus).[7]


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