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Screen is an

editors-in-chief are Tim Bergfelder (University of Southampton), Alison Butler (University of Reading), Dimitris Eleftheriotis (University of Glasgow), Karen Lury (University of Glasgow), Alastair Phillips (University of Warwick), Jackie Stacey (University of Manchester), and Sarah Street (University of Bristol


Screen originated in the Society of Film Teachers' journal, The Film Teacher, in 1952. Soon after, the society was renamed as the Society for Education in Film and Television and its journal changed its name to Screen Education in 1960. Screen Education was renamed to Screen in 1969, although a separate journal titled Screen Education was also published.[citation needed]

During the 1970s, Screen was particularly influential in the nascent field of

Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" (1975).[1]
It is still highly regarded in academic circles.

Screen theory, a Marxist-psychoanalytic film theory that came to prominence in Britain in the early 1970s, took its name from Screen.[2]

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