Dhoom Dhadaka

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Dhum Dhadaka
Dhoom Dhadaka.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byMahesh Kothare
Story byAnnasaheb Deolgaonkar
Produced byMahesh Kothare
StarringAshok Saraf
Mahesh Kothare
Nivedita Saraf
Surekha Rane
Sharad Talwalkar
CinematographySuryakant Lavande
Music byAnil - Arun
Release date
19 August 1985 (Maharashtra)
Running time
148 Minutes

Dhum Dhadaka is a 1985 Indian Marathi-language film directed and produced by Mahesh Kothare. The film stars Ashok Saraf, Mahesh Kothare, Nivedita Saraf, Surekha Rane, and Sharad Talwalkar in lead roles.

The film is a remake of the Tamil movie Kaadhalikka Neramillai (1964), which was also remade earlier in Telugu as Preminchi Choodu (1965), in Hindi as Pyar Kiye Jaa (1966) and in Kannada as Preethi Madu Thamashe Nodu (1979).


Dhanaji Wakde is an arrogant and greedy industrialist. Seema and Gauri are his daughters and Mahesh Javalkar is an employee working in his company. Gauri and Mahesh decide to marry but Dhanaji does not approve of his daughter marrying someone below his social status. To overcome Dhanaji's resistance, Mahesh decides to take help of his childhood friend Ashok Gupchup. They decide that Ashok would disguise himself as a very rich old man and introduce himself to Dhanaji as Mahesh's father Yadhunath Javalkar. They know that Dhanaji would be impressed by his show of wealth and allow his daughter to marry Mahesh. When disguised Ashok reaches Dhanaji's house he notices that Dhanaji is father of Seema. Ashok and Seema already know each other and desire to marry each other. Ashok discloses his identity to Seema. Mahesh discloses his identity to Gauri. Dhanaji's elder son Lakshya also accidentally discovers Ashok's truth. Yadhunath tells Dhanaji that he wants to marry his elder daughter Seema. Dhanaji is so impressed by the (claimed) wealth of Yadhunath that he agrees to his proposal. Ashok's father is a friend of Dhanaji. He arrives at hid town for some business purpose and halts at Dhanaji's house, but he does not recognize Ashok who is in disguise. After some time Mahesh's father arrives at Dhanaji's house because he has not received any news from Mahesh for past few months. Now Dhanaji is confronted with two fathers of Mahesh. When Mahesh arrives at Dhanaji's house, he points at Ashok as his real father because he does not want to put his marriage plan in danger. Dhanaji hands over Mahesh's real father to police thinking him to be an imposter. Ashok guesses that the police would easily confirm the identity of Mahesh's father and then Ashok and Mahesh would be considered as frauds. So Mahesh, Ashok, Seema and Gauri elope in Mahesh's vehicle. They are joined by Lakshya and his girlfriend Ambakka who also want to get married against their parents' wish. When Dhanaji notices their absence, he chases Mahesh's vehicle. He is accompanied by Ashok's father and Mahesh's father. Mahesh's vehicle takes a turn which Dhanaji does not notice and they start chasing another similar vehicle which is occupied by thieves. Chasing the thieves they reach the hiding place of the thieves. There the thieves attack them but Ashok, Mahesh and Lakshya reach there on time and overpower the thieves. The police then arrive and arrest the thieves. Dhanaji realises his folly and allows his three children to marry as per their choice.



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