Kevin Maher (writer)

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Kevin Maher
Dublin, Ireland
EducationUniversity College Dublin
  • Writer
  • film critic
Years active1994-present
EmployerThe Times

Kevin Maher (born 1972) is an Irish writer. He is primarily known as a journalist and chief film critic at The Times.[1] His work has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, and The Observer. His debut novel, The Fields, was published by Reagan Arthur Books in 2013.[2][3] It was listed in the 2013 Waterstones 11, a literary book prize aimed at promoting debut authors.

Early life

Maher was born in West Dublin, Ireland in 1972.[4] His family was lower middle class catholics.[2] His grandfather was a fighter in the Irish War of Independence in Tipperary.[2] He graduated from the University College Dublin in 1994 with an MA degree in film. During his graduation, he wrote for university magazines.[5]


After graduating, Maher moved to London in 1994 to focus on journalism.[4] Before starting his career as a film critic, he worked as a waiter for several years.[6] He wrote for The Face[7] and Time Out before joining The Times. He took a year off in 2001 after having his first child and in 2002, he first approached The Times to write for it.[5] He joined the newspaper in 2004.[8] Since then he has been writing reviews and weekly columns for it. He has interviewed directors including Spike Lee,[9] Martin Scorsese,[8] and Dennis Hopper.

Maher worked as a researcher on the Channel 4 show Film Night.[2] He also conducted an online course in film criticism for The Times.[8]

Way of reviewing

Maher believes that being true to oneself is an important trait for all young writers. In interviews, he has stated that he doesn't prefer writing reviews based on discussions with his peer critics.[5] He thinks, rather it should be completely written secludedly, on one's own perception.[5] His reviews often contradict mass reception.[5]

Personal life

Maher lives in Hertfordshire, England along with his three children and wife.[4]


  • The Fields - 2013

The book chronicled the story of a young man facing troubles and his family living in love and in pieces. It was Maher's debut novel which received praise as The Guardian described it as a "laugh-out-loud read Irish debut with pin-sharp period detail and a frenetic comic energy."[10]

  • Last Night on Earth - 2015

It was Maher's second novel which concluded the story of a couple's relationship, fatherhood and the complexities surrounding one man.


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