Meeûs d'Argenteuil family

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Meeûs d'Argenteuil family
Country Spanish Netherlands

 Austrian Netherlands
 French First Republic
 First French Empire
Netherlands United Kingdom of the Netherlands

Belgium Kingdom of Belgium
Place of origin Brussels

The de Meeûs family, formerly Meeûs, is a bourgeois of Brussels family that was ennobled by Leopold I.


  • de Meeûs d'Argenteuil
  • de Meeûs d'Argenteuil de Trannoy


Ferdinand de Meeûs

In 1836

in Brussels.

Ferdinand count Meeûs was a lifelong governor of the

Belgian government in 1949 and was used from 1961 on as the residence of former king Leopold III and his wife Princess Lilian
. It was named 'Domaine d'Argenteuil' since.

Most descendants of Ferdinand Meeûs were allowed to add 'd'Argenteuil' to their name (1937–1938). One branch of the family added 'de Trannoy' in supplement (1953).

Notable members

  • Ferdinand Meeûs, in 1836 count Ferdinand de Meeûs (1798–1861)
  • André count de Meeûs d'Argenteuil (1879–1972), Grandmaster of the House of
    Queen Elisabeth

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