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Ada Flatman
Ada Flatman (1876–1952) was a British suffragette in the United Kingdom and the United States. She was sent to Holloway Prison after taking part in the "raid" on the Houses of Parliament in 1908, led by Marion Wallace Dunlop, Ada Wright and Katherine Douglas Smith, and a second wave by Una Dugdale. The following year she was employed by the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) to organise their activities in Liverpool, taking over from Mary Phillips. In July 1910, Flatman was a key speaker at one of the platforms in the 10,000 women rally at Hyde Park, London. She worked with Alice Stewart Ker, but it was Flatman who was trusted by Emmeline Pethick when Liverpool requested that they be allowed to open a WSPU shop. The shop was set up for her by Patricia Woodlock and became a success, raising substantial funds for the cause. Flatman organised the publicity surrounding the release of Woodlock, who had completed a prison term in Holloway.Photograph credit: Harris & Ewing; restored by Adam Cuerden