List of plants that are extinct in the wild

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45 extinct in the wild plant species (0.1%)5702 critically endangered plant species (8.6%)10901 endangered plant species (16.4%)9673 vulnerable plant species (14.5%)4160 near threatened plant species (6.3%)30554 least concern plant species (45.9%)5371 data deficient plant species (8.1%)
Plant species (IUCN, 2023-1)
  • 66,406 extant species have been evaluated
  • 61,035 of those are fully assessed[a]
  • 34,588 are not threatened at present[b]
  • 26,276 are threatened[c]
  • 174 are extinct or extinct in the wild:
    • 129 extinct (EX) species[d]
    • 45 extinct in the wild (EW)
    • 569 possibly extinct [CR(PE)]
    • 48 possibly extinct in the wild [CR(PEW)]

  1. ^ excludes data deficient evaluations.
  2. ^ NT, LR/cd, LC.
  3. ^ Threatened comprises CR, EN and VU.
  4. ^ Chart omits extinct (EX) species

As of December 2023, the

plant species.[1]
Approximately 0.068% of all evaluated plant species are listed as extinct in the wild. The IUCN also lists one plant subspecies as extinct in the wild.

This is a complete list of extinct in the wild plant species and subspecies as evaluated by the IUCN. All are vascular plants (


Class Polypodiopsida - Ferns

There is only one species of fern listed as Extinct in the Wild:

Class Cycadopsida - Cycads

There are 5 species of cycad listed as Extinct in the Wild:

Encephalartos woodii is known only from its type specimen, which was discovered in 1895.

Class Magnoliopsida - Flowering plants

There are 32 species and 1 subspecies of class Magnoliopsida listed as Extinct in the Wild, including all 7 currently assessed Brugmansia species.

A closeup of white flowers from a Brugmansia tree
All currently assessed Brugmansia species have been listed as Extinct in the Wild, however, they are popular ornamental plants that have been cultivated around the world.
An image looking up the trunk of a Cyanea superba tree towards its leaves
Cyanea superba was once found on the island of O'ahu, Hawaii until it became Extinct in the Wild, mainly due to competition and habitat destruction from invasive species and wildfires generated by human activity.
A closeup of a red flower and leaves of Kokia cookei
The extinction in the wild of Kokia cookei is largely believed to be a coextinction with native nectivorous birds, which may have pollinated it.

Class Liliopsida - Flowering plants

There are 7 species of Liliopsida listed as Extinct in the Wild.

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