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Jtrrs0's Page

The painting at the heart of Thwaytes v Sotheby's

About me

I am currently studying for an LLM in Art Law.

My main motivation for taking part in the project is that I believe knowledge should be preserved and widely available. I have had a registered account for a while now but due to other prior life commitments I have not been able to edit as frequently or deeply as I would otherwise like. I am now trying to mostly do major edits to articles in areas I have some expertise in to improve their quality.

Every now and then you might still find me in the RC Patrol, which more than once has threatened to take over my life as a source of procrastination.

This user is a High Church adherent of Anglican Christianity.

This user is interested in law.
This user is interested in becoming a lawyer.
This user is interested in the British Empire.
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SuetoniusThis user is interested in
historical research
family history and build a family tree to see what black sheep
will turn up next.
Protestant Reformation.
judgment of historical figures by modern standards.
This user enjoys riding horses.
My Work

Articles I created or substantially contributed to:

Currently in progress:

My future to-do list:

  • Draft:José Ignacio Mantecón
Potential Conflicts of Interest & Opinions

I believe we should all edit strictly in accordance with

whack if I forget myself even for a moment and edit in a biased way.


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rejects all kinds of Marxist
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This user supports the restoration of the Spanish Republic.
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Conservative Party (UK).
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