Committee on Transport and Communications

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(Parliamentary) Committee on Transport and Communications

telecommunication, and Information technology
(IT) as well as research activities in the field of communication.

The committee's Speaker is Ulrika Heie from the Centre Party, with Thomas Morell as the vice-Speaker from the Sweden Democrats.

List of speakers for the committee

Name Period Political party
  Kurt Hugosson 1982-1987 Social Democratic Party
  Birger Rosqvist 1987–1993 Social Democratic Party
  Sven-Gösta Signell 1993–1994 Social Democratic Party
  Monica Öhman 1994–2002 Social Democratic Party
  Claes Roxbergh 2002–2006 Green Party
  Anders Karlsson 2006–2007 Social Democratic Party
  Christina Axelsson 2007–2008 Social Democratic Party
  Ibrahim Baylan 2008–2009 Social Democratic Party
  Lena Hallengren 2009–2010 Social Democratic Party
  Anders Ygeman 2010–2014 Social Democratic Party
  Karin Svensson Smith 2014–2018
Green Party
  Jens Holm[2] 2018–2022 Left Party
  Ulrika Heie 2022– Centre Party

List of vice-speakers for the committee

Name Period Political party Notes
  Rolf Clarkson 1979–1994 Moderate Party
  Wiggo Komstedt 1994–1995 Moderate Party
  Per Westerberg 1995–1998 Moderate Party
  Sven Bergström 1998–2002 Centre Party
  Carina Moberg 2002–2006 Social Democratic Party
  Jan-Evert Rådhström 2006–2014 Moderate Party
  Lars Hjälmered 2014 Moderate Party
  Jessica Rosencrantz 2014–2018 Moderate Party
  Anders Åkesson[3] 2018–2022 Centre Party
  Magnus Jacobsson 2019–2022 Christian Democrats Second vice-Speaker
  Teres Lindberg 2020–2022 Social Democratic Party Third vice-Speaker
  Thomas Morell 2022– Sweden Democrats


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