List of data deficient reptiles

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2 extinct in the wild reptile species (0.04%)196 critically endangered reptile species (3.8%)382 endangered reptile species (7.4%)411 vulnerable reptile species (8.0%)329 near threatened reptile species (6.4%)2900 least concern reptile species (57%)910 data deficient reptile species (18%)Circle frame.svg
Reptile species (IUCN, 2016-2)
  • 5130 extant species have been evaluated
  • 4220 of those are fully assessed[a]
  • 3229 are not threatened at present[b]
  • 989 to 1899 are threatened[c]
  • 26 to 43 are extinct or extinct in the wild:
    • 24 extinct (EX) species[d]
    • 2 extinct in the wild (EW)
    • 17 possibly extinct [CR(PE)]
    • 0 possibly extinct in the wild [CR(PEW)]

  1. ^ excludes data deficient evaluations.
  2. ^ NT, LR/cd, LC.
  3. ^ Threatened comprises CR, EN and VU. Upper estimate additionally includes DD.
  4. ^ Chart omits extinct (EX) species

As of September 2016, the

reptile species.[1]
18% of all evaluated reptile species are listed as data deficient. Of the subpopulations of reptiles evaluated by the IUCN, two species subpopulations have been assessed as data deficient.

This is a complete list of data deficient reptile species evaluated by the IUCN. Species which have data deficient subpopulations (or stocks) are indicated.

Turtles and tortoises


  • Bellinger River snapping turtle
    (Elseya georgesi)
  • Manning River snapping turtle
    (Elseya purvisi)
  • Sicilian pond turtle
    (Emys trinacris)
  • Forest hinge-back tortoise
    (Kinixys erosa)
  • Alamos mud turtle
    (Kinosternon alamosae)
  • Durango mud turtle
    (Kinosternon durangoense)
  • Oaxaca mud turtle
    (Kinosternon oaxacae)
  • Burmese flapshell turtle
    (Lissemys scutata)
  • Flatback sea turtle
    (Natator depressus)
  • Upemba mud turtle
    (Pelusios upembae)
  • Spotted box turtle
    (Terrapene nelsoni)


  • Leatherback sea turtle
    (Dermochelys coriacea) (2 subpopulations)


There are 419 lizard species evaluated as data deficient.


Includes slowworms, glass lizards, and alligator lizards.





Wall lizards


Spectacled lizards


Night lizards

Worm lizards

Neotropical ground lizards

Dragon lizards




Other lizard species


There are 480 snake species evaluated as data deficient.


Typhlopid blind snakes

  • Acutotyphlops banaorum
  • Red blind snake
    (Acutotyphlops infralabialis)
  • Kunua blind snake
    (Acutotyphlops kunuaensis)
  • Acutotyphlops solomonis
  • Blanford's blind-snake (Afrotyphlops blanfordii)
  • Kakamega blind-snake
    (Afrotyphlops kaimosae)
  • Mann's worm snake
    (Afrotyphlops manni)
  • Kenyan dwarf blind-snake
    (Afrotyphlops nanus)
  • Rondo worm snake
    (Afrotyphlops rondoensis)
  • Amerotyphlops amoipira
  • Letheobia episcopus
  • Eritrean blind snake
    (Letheobia erythraea)
  • Liberia worm snake (Letheobia leucostictus)
  • Zanzibar beaked snake
    (Letheobia pallida)
  • Pemba gracile blind-snake (Letheobia pembana)
  • Stejneger's beaked snake
    (Letheobia stejnegeri)
  • Ramphotyphlops aluensis
  • Arboreal blind snake
    (Ramphotyphlops angusticeps)
  • Beck's blind snake (Ramphotyphlops becki)
  • Cuming's blind snake
    (Ramphotyphlops cumingii)
  • Lorenz's blind snake
    (Ramphotyphlops lorenzi)
  • Small-headed blind snake (Ramphotyphlops mansuetus)
  • Marx's worm snake
    (Ramphotyphlops marxi)
  • Manukwari blind snake
    (Ramphotyphlops similis)
  • Salawati blindsnake
    (Ramphotyphlops supranasalis)
  • Loyalty Islands blind snake
    (Ramphotyphlops willeyi)
  • Andasibe blind snake (Typhlops andasibensis)
  • Gunther's blind snake
    (Typhlops bothriorhynchus)
  • Typhlops canlaonensis
  • Light-collared blind snake
    (Typhlops collaris)
  • Comoro worm snake
    (Typhlops comorensis)
  • Conrad's worm snake
    (Typhlops conradi)
  • Typhlops domerguei
  • Typhlops etheridgei
  • Belgaum worm snake
    (Typhlops exiguus)
  • File worm snake (Typhlops filiformis)
  • Gia Dinh blind snake (Typhlops giandinhensis)
  • Cebu blind snake
    (Typhlops hypogius)
  • Sumatra worm snake
    (Typhlops hypsobothrius)
  • Klemmer's blind snake
    (Typhlops klemmeri)
  • Koekkoek's blind snake
    (Typhlops koekkoeki)
  • Koshun worm snake
    (Typhlops koshunensis)
  • Luzon blind snake
    (Typhlops luzonensis)
  • Typhlops madagascariensis
  • Manila blind snake
    (Typhlops manilae)
  • Meszoely's blind snake
    (Typhlops meszoelyi)
  • Typhlops microcephalus
  • Typhlops mucronatus
  • Oates's blind snake
    (Typhlops oatesii)
  • Typhlops ocularis
  • Ozaki's blind snake (Typhlops ozakiae)
  • Tanga blind-snake
    (Typhlops platyrhynchus)
  • Typhlops rajeryi
  • Reuters blind snake
    (Typhlops reuteri)
  • Roxane's blind snake (Typhlops roxaneae)
  • Brown blind snake
    (Typhlops ruficaudus)
  • Siamese blind snake
    (Typhlops siamensis)
  • Socotra worm snake
    (Typhlops socotranus)
  • Peter's worm snake
    (Typhlops tenuicollis)
  • Thurston's worm snake
    (Typhlops thurstoni)
  • Trang blind snake
    (Typhlops trangensis)
  • Iranian worm snake
    (Typhlops wilsoni)
  • Xenotyphlops mocquardi



Shield-tailed snakes




Indo-Australian water snakes



Burrowing asps

Dawn blind snakes

Thread snakes


Other snake species

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