W73 (nuclear warhead)

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Diagram of the AGM-53A Condor tactical missile.

The W73 was a planned

nuclear warhead for the AGM-53 Condor air to surface missile and designed by Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (now Los Alamos National Laboratory).[1] The W73 warhead was cancelled in 1970 in favor of a purely conventional warhead for Condor. Condor was approved for production in 1975 with a expected production run of 250 missiles, but was cancelled in early 1976 due to high cost.[2]

The weapon was reportedly derived from the B61 nuclear bomb and had a diameter of 17 inches (430 mm).[3]

Condor was to weigh 2,130 pounds (970 kg) at launch and carry a 286 kilograms (631 lb) warhead. It is unclear if the weight given is for the conventional or nuclear-armed version of the Condor.[2]

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