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Smålandsposten is a local

morning newspaper published in Växjö, Southern Sweden
. Founded in 1866 it is one of the earliest newspapers in the country.

History and profile

Smålandsposten was established in 1866.

conservative leaning[7] and fully focuses on local news.[8]

As of 2015 Magnus Karlsson was the editor-in-chief of the paper.[9] When he resigned in January 2019 after serving in the post for 15 years Kristina Bingström was appointed to the post being the first female and sixteenth editor-in-chief of the daily.[10]

Smålandsposten is the recipient of the European Newspaper Award of 2009 in the category of local newspaper for its spectacular reportages on local events.[3][4]

In 2010 Smålandsposten sold 38,600 copies.[8] The paper had a circulation of 35,400 copies in 2012 and 34,900 copies in 2013.[11]


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