Tage Lindbom

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Tage Lindbom and Kurt Almqvist.

Tage Leonard Lindbom (24 October 1909 – 30 September 2001) was a mystic and conservative philosopher, who early in his life was the party theoretician and director of the archives of the Swedish Social Democratic Party 1938–1965.

He served on public boards and commissions dealing with cultural questions,


Since the early 1960s Lindbom was a disciple of the


Writings in English

Books in French

  • L'ivraie et le bon grain ou Le royaume de l'homme à l'heure des échéances, trad. du Suédois par Roger du Pasquier (transl. of Agnarna och vetet), Milano, 1976.

Books in German

  • Atlantis : Idee und Wirklichkeit des Sozialismus (transl. of Efter Atlantis), Frankfurt am Main, 1955.

Books in Spanish

Books in Portuguese

  • O Mito da Democracia (transl. of Demokratin är en myt), São Paulo, Ibrasa, 2006.

Books in Turkish

  • Başaklar ve Ayrık Otları Modernliğin Sahte Kutsalları (transl. of Agnarna och vetet), İnsan Yayınları, Istanbul, 1997, 2003.
  • Demokrasi miti (transl. of Demokratin är en myt), İnsan Yayınları, Istanbul, 1998. Transl. Ömer Baldik.

Works in Swedish

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