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This WikiProject, WikiProject Ancient Near East, aims to organize an effort to expand and improve Wikipedia's coverage of the history of the ancient Near East and related topics. This page and its subpages contain suggestions and guidelines to help editors. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page. New members are always welcome; you can join at the recruitment page.

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Members of the project are welcome to add topics, articles or general areas relating to the ancient Near East to the list below if they consider them in need of more attention from the project at large. Please provide a motivation and the date in which you added a topic/article/area if you add to the list.

  • The chronology used in articles needs to be standardized to the
    middle chronology where applicable (or use the most commonly cited dates). Conflicting dates in other chronologies should also be provided, preferrably in a note or something to that effect to avoid clutter. Ichthyovenator (talk) 12:59, 13 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply
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As with all other projects, articles within the scope of Wikiproject:Ancient Near East experience problems with vandalism of articles (see vandalism and clean up for further information). Here is a quick guide for vandal fighters of this project:

  1. Revert edits.
  2. Leave a message on the user's talk page. See
    template messages and warning category
    for which templates to use.
  3. Report persistant vandals to administrator intervention against vandalism.

Templates and resources



For use in articles

  • {{
    Ancient Mesopotamia
    }} – navbox template on topics relating to ancient Mesopotamia
  • {{Ancient Mesopotamian royal titles}} – navbox template for common Mesopotamian royal titles
  • {{Ancient Near East}} – timeline of the ancient Near East
  • {{
    Ancient Syria and Mesopotamia
    }} – chronology of empires and dynasties in ancient Syria and Mesopotamia
  • {{Assyrian kings}} – navbox template for the kings of Assyria
  • {{Babylonian kings}} – navbox template for the kings of Babylon
  • {{
    History of Anatolia
    }} – timeline of Anatolian history
  • {{Hittite kings}} – navbox template for the kings of the Hittites
  • {{Hittite tree}} – family tree of the Hittites during the New Kingdom
  • {{
    Near East Neolithic
    }} – timeline of the Neolithic in the ancient Near East
  • {{Rulers of the Ancient Near East}} – chronology of empires and rulers in the ancient Near East
  • {{Sumerian King List}} – navbox template version of the Sumerian King List


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