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NetFront Browser
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NetFront Browser is a mobile browser developed by Access Company of Japan.[2] The first version shipped in 1995.[1] They currently have several browser variants, both Chromium-based and WebKit-based.[3][4]

Over its lifetime, various versions of NetFront have been deployed on

multifunction printers, digital TVs, set-top boxes, PDAs, web phones, game consoles, e-mail terminals, automobile telematics systems, and other device types. This has included Sony PlayStation consoles and several Nintendo


For Pocket PC devices, the browser converted web page tables to a vertical display, eliminating the need to scroll horizontally. The engine also was used in Japanese and European versions of Dreamcast browser

The Nintendo 3DS Internet browser uses the WebKit-based NetFront Browser NX according to the documentation included with the browser.[5][6] The PlayStation 3 Internet web browser received a major upgrade with firmware version 4.10,[7] upgrading to a custom version of the NetFront browser, adding limited HTML5 support and improved JavaScript speeds.[8][9] The Wii U console is also equipped with NetFront NX,[10] and GPL source code is available.[11] The Amazon Kindle e-reader uses NetFront as its web browser.[12] Nintendo's latest console, the Nintendo Switch, is also using NetFront NX.[13]


Netfront 3.5 had an Acid3 score of 11/100 and NetFront Browser NX v1.0 had an Acid3 score of 92/100.

  • Acid3 in NetFront 3.5 (PlayStation Portable)
    Acid3 in NetFront 3.5
    (PlayStation Portable)
  • Nintendo 3DS Acid3 test results
    Nintendo 3DS Acid3 test results

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