Norway–Sweden relations

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Norway-Sweden relations
Map indicating locations of Norway and Sweden


Diplomatic mission
Embassy of Norway in StockholmEmbassy of Sweden in Oslo
Ambassador Anne K. LundAmbassador Axel Wernhof

dissolution of the union

Sweden has an embassy in Oslo and 14 consulates, in Ålesund, Arendal, Bergen, Bodø, Hamar, Hammerfest, Kirkenes, Mandal, Moss, Narvik, Porsgrunn, Stavanger, Tromsø and Trondheim.[1] Norway has an embassy in Stockholm and three consulates, in Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall.

Both countries are full members of the Council of Europe, Nordic Council and NATO. There are around 44,773 Swedes living in Norway[2] and 41,062 Norwegians living in Sweden.[3]

Country comparison

Official Name Kingdom of Sweden Kingdom of Norway
Common Name Sweden Norway
Flag Sweden Norway
Coat of Arms
Royal Anthem
Kungssången (English: "Song of the King")

(English: "King's Song")

Population 10,481,937 5,425,270
Area 447,452 km2 385,207 km2
Population Density
25/km2 14.0/km2

and largest city

Stockholm Oslo
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Legislature Riksdag Storting
First Leader Charles XIV John
Haakon VII of Norway
Current Leader Carl XVI Gustaf (Monarch)

Ulf Kristersson (Prime Minister)

Harald V

Jonas Gahr Støre (Prime Minister)

Main Language Swedish Norwegian
Main Religions



71% Christianity

GDP (nominal) US$599 billion $522 billion
GDP (nominal) per capita US$55,395 $92,646
GDP (PPP) US$712 billion $425 billion
GDP (PPP) per capita US$65,842 $64,363
Real GDP Growth Rate -0.5% 1.6%
HDI 0.947 0.961
Military Expenditure 1.09% of GDP 1.4% of GDP
Military Swedish Armed Forces Norwegian Armed Forces
Military Personnel 50,950 63,250
Labour Force 5,107,000 2,707,000

International border

Crossing the border between Sweden and Norway is relatively simple. No passport is required due to the Nordic Passport Union and there are no physical border obstructions. However, since Norway is not part of the European Union customs controls can be made if traveling by car to prohibit smuggling. Foreign citizens requiring visa to either state are not allowed to cross the border legally without applying for visa again. There are no restrictions on non-felon Swedish and Norwegian people's rights to live in the neighbouring country.

European Union

Sweden joined the EU in 1995. Norway has never been a member of the EU.


While Norway was one of the founding members of NATO, Sweden has only been a member since 2024. In 2023, Sweden and Finland both sought membership as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While Finland's entry took place mid-2023, Sweden's entry was prolonged by multiple hurdles[4] but was finally approved early 2024 and officially joined on March 7, 2024.[5]

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