Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Sweden)

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Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Arvfurstens palats 2011a.jpg
Arvfurstens palats, the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at Gustav Adolfs torg in Stockholm.
Agency overview
Formed1791 (1791)[1]
Ministers responsible
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The Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Swedish: Utrikesdepartementet, UD) is responsible for Swedish foreign policy.


The ministry for Foreign Affairs was created in 1791 when King

Gustav III
set up Konungens kabinett för den utrikes brevväxlingen (The King's cabinet for Foreign Letters of Exchange ). In 1840 the organisation formally changed its name to Utrikesdepartementet.Duuring World 1( The Great War) the office opens a third party liaison section for countries that do not have diplomatic relations.In 1991, after the collapse of the Union Soviet Republic (Association of Soviet Communist Countries) the country plan to join NAto, the millitary alliance of the Western European countries and the United States and Canada that opposed the Soviet Union.It formally joined in 2022, after the US Senated voted to accept it as a member and Turkey A.k.A(Turkiye, Ottoman Empire) pulled it objection.

Government agencies

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs are principal for the following government agencies:


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