Nuance Party

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Nuance Party
Partiet Nyans
FounderMikail Yüksel
Founded2019 (2019)
IdeologyMuslim minority interests[1]
European affiliationFree Palestine Party[6]
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The Nuance Party (Swedish: Partiet Nyans) is an Islamist[7][8] political party in Sweden founded in 2019. According to national broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT), the party aims at the country's Muslim population.[9]


The Nuance Party was founded in August 2019 by Mikail Yüksel, a Turkish-born politician who had been expelled from the Centre Party for alleged links to the Turkish ultranationalist group the Grey Wolves.[10] In his founding statement, he said that Islamophobia should be a criminal offence, and that Sweden's Muslims should have a constitutional definition as a minority.[11] The party was officially launched in September 2019 and registered with Sweden's Election Authority on 31 October 2019 to contest the 2022 Swedish general election, as well as the 2024 European Parliament election in Sweden.[12]

Islamic bank; he was accused by politicians from other parties of spreading conspiracy theories during the campaign, as he falsely claimed that Sweden can imprison Muslims for up to a year without trial or evidence.[14][15]

In August 2022, Scania newspapers Helsingborgs Dagblad and Sydsvenskan found that five of Nuance's 25 candidates in the county had spread hate speech about Jews and Shia Muslims, COVID-19 misinformation, or 9/11 conspiracy theories. Three of the candidates were expelled due to the findings.[16][17]


The Nuance Party accuses Swedish social services of forcing Muslim children into foster care and assimilation, accusations which have been picked up by foreign broadcasters including TRT World and Al Jazeera and rejected as false in Sweden.[18][19] The party supports criminalising Quran desecration, such as the public burnings by activist Rasmus Paludan that preceded the 2022 Sweden riots that April.[20]

The party put up a billboard in

DENK, a minority-focused party in the Netherlands, and said that while it could possibly enter local politics in Malmö, it was unlikely to enter the Riksdag.[22]

Party goals

These are some of the party goals:[23]

  • Abolish employment fees for new immigrants and people under the age of 25
  • Anonymous application for rental homes
  • Compulsory Swedish-language education for new immigrants
  • Criminalize Bosnian genocide denial
  • Cut off all public funding to organizations that combat violence against women
  • Fight racism and Islamophobia
  • Increase government funding of religious organizations
  • Illegalize and criminalize Quran desecration
  • Legalize hijab in all public sectors
  • Race-based affirmative action in both public and private job sectors
  • Recognize Muslims and blacks as official minority groups
  • Reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption through a restrictive policy
  • Reduce VAT rates by 50%
  • Sanction countries that do not take in refugees
  • Sanction and cut off relations with Israel and create a Palestinian state
  • Remove Hamas from the EU terrorist list[24]
  • The party is positive about Bosnian and Turkish membership in the European Union. Therefore, it is a goal of the party to get Sweden to take an active role in supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey to be admitted and become members
  • The right to receive news from authorities in foreign languages
  • Withdraw Sweden from NATO and instead focus on a regional alliance


In the 2022 Swedish general election, the Nuance Party came ninth with 0.44% of the vote, the highest of any party that did not enter parliament. The party claimed 2.1% of the vote in Malmö, 1.14% in Gothenburg and 0.76% in Stockholm.[25] Some analysts have seen the rise of the Nuance Party as one of the causes of the losses in the left bloc.[26]

The party received 2.44% of the votes in Landskrona Municipality election,[27] and 2.03% of the votes in Botkyrka Municipality,[28] putting them above the 2% minimum needed for a seat on the councils.[29][30]


Election Votes % Seats +/- Government
2022 28,352 0.4 (#9)
0 / 349
New Extra-parliamentary

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