Hansson IV cabinet

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Fourth cabinet of Per Albin Hansson (Swedish: Regeringen Hansson IV) was the cabinet of Sweden between July 31, 1945 and October 6, 1946. It consisted of 16 ministers[1] who were all members of the Social Democratic Party, with party chairman Per Albin Hansson as Prime Minister. The cabinet succeeded the national coalition government (the Third cabinet of Per Albin Hansson), which had ruled during World War II. The cabinet was dissolved as a consequence of the death of the Prime Minister on the date October 6, 1946.


Portfolio Name
Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson

Minister for Justice
Herman Zetterberg
Minister for Foreign Affairs Östen Undén
Minister for Defence Allan Vougt
Minister for Social Affairs Gustav Möller
Minister for Communications
Torsten Nilsson
Minister for Finance Ernst Wigforss
Minister of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs Tage Erlander
Minister for Agriculture Per Edvin Sköld
Minister of Commerce and Industry
Gunnar Myrdal
Minister of Supply Axel Gjöres
Deputy Ministers (Ministers without a portfolio)
Deputy Minister Gunnar Danielson
Deputy Minister Nils Quensel (opol.)
Deputy Minister for Social Affairs Eije Mossberg
Deputy Minister for Agriculture Gunnar Sträng
Minister for Fuel John Ericsson i Kinna



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