2014 European Parliament election in Sweden

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2014 European Parliament election in Sweden

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All 20 Swedish seats to the
  First party Second party Third party
Marita Ulvskog 2009.jpg
Leader Marita Ulvskog Isabella Lövin Gunnar Hökmark
Party Social Democrats Green Moderate
Alliance S&D
Last election 6 seats, 24.4% 2 seats, 11.0% 4 seats, 18.8%
Seats won 5 4 3
Seat change Decrease 1 Increase 2 Decrease 1
Popular vote 899,074 572,591 507,488
Percentage 24.2% 15.4% 13.6%
Swing Decrease 0.2% Increase 4.4% Decrease 5.2%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Marit Paulsen Kristina Winberg Kent Johansson
Sweden Democrats Centre
Last election 3 seats, 13.6% 0 seats, 3.3% 1 seat, 5.5%
Seats won 2 2 1
Seat change Decrease 1 Increase 2 Steady 0
Popular vote 368,514 359,248 241,101
Percentage 9.9% 9.7% 6.5%
Swing Decrease 3.7% Increase 6.4% Increase 1.0%

  Seventh party Eighth party Ninth party
Soraya Post 2014.jpg
Leader Malin Björk Lars Adaktusson Soraya Post
Party Left Christian Democrats Feminist Initiative
Last election 1 seat, 5.7% 1 seat, 4.7% 0 seats, 2.2%
Seats won 1 1 1
Seat change Steady 0 Steady 0 Increase 1
Popular vote 234,272 220,574 204,005
Percentage 6.3% 5.9% 5.5%
Swing Increase 0.6% Increase 1.2% Increase 3.3%

Results by municipality

European Parliament elections in Sweden took place on 25 May 2014. At the election, twenty Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) were from the Swedish constituency. In the election, voters choose members of registered Swedish parties whose elected members then form political groups in the European Parliament, together with members of parties from other Member States with the same political affiliation.

As a result of the election, the Pirate Party lost their seats and Feminist Initiative won a seat for the first time.

Previous result

Distribution of Sweden's mandate during the previous election, turnout was 45.53%[2] in 2009

Swedish party Seats/20 European party Seats/754
Social Democratic Party 6   Party of European Socialists 195
Moderate Party 4   European People's Party 275
Christian Democrats 1
Liberal People's Party
3   Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 75
Centre Party 1
Green Party 2 European Green Party 45
Pirate Party 2 European Pirate Party 2
Left Party 1 Nordic Green Left Alliance 2


Swedish Social Democratic Party899,07424.195–1
Green Party572,59115.414+2
Moderate Party507,48813.653–1
Sweden Democrats359,2489.672+2
Centre Party241,1016.4910
Left Party234,2726.3010
Christian Democrats220,5745.9310
Feminist Initiative204,0055.491+1
Pirate Party82,7632.230–2
June List11,6290.3100
Animals' Party8,7730.240New
Classical Liberal Party4920.010New
European Workers Party1700.0000
Swedish Multi-Democrats1330.000New
Freedom and Justice Party1060.0000
Socialist Welfare Party860.000New
True Democracy720.000New
Swedish National Democratic Party490.0000
666 for an EU Superstate110.0000
Republican Right90.0000
Parties not on the ballot5,6180.150
Valid votes3,716,77898.88
Invalid/blank votes42,1731.12
Total votes3,758,951100.00
Registered voters/turnout7,359,96251.07
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Elected members

Moderate Party

Centre Party

Liberal People's Party

Christian Democrats

Social Democrats

Left Party

Green Party

Sweden Democrats

Feminist Initiative


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