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Me (right) at home, by Franz Anton Bustelli


Interests centre on Art, mostly European say 500–1850. See also User:Johnbod at ILAE, an alternative account for edits connected with epilepsy, as I will be working over roughly the next year with the Wikipedia:ILAE Wikipedia Project, which has been running since 2020, aiming to improve the coverage of epilepsy-related articles on Wikipedia and is overseen by the International League Against Epilepsy. Previous WiR positions were User:Wiki CRUK John and User:Wiki at Royal Society John, my alternative accounts for edits made as Wikipedian in residence at Cancer Research UK (2014 - Feb 2015) and the Royal Society in London (2014). Also this blog on a project with the Metropolitan Museum Library, in New York, and this on one with the British Library.

I mostly write here; I don't do much pure editing. One day I will understand how and why to do a Non-breaking space, and after that maybe emdashes.

No social media in the 16th century. They had to make their own entertainment.

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    Cardinal of Portugal's altarpiece

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Cabinet of curiosities, Castle, art exhibition, museum,

list of museums
, art gallery, aquatint, etching, visual arts, Maso Finiguerra, Art of the Crusades, Dutch art,
graphic art
, engraving, Adam Bartsch, Martin Schongauer,
Chief Powhatan
, vernissage,
Albertina, Vienna
, Academic art, Rembrandt, Marcantonio Raimondi, faggot as epithet, monotyping, Intaglio (printmaking),
Hans Sebald Beham
, printmaking,
limited edition
, edition, provenance, artist's proof, Parmigianino, niello, woodcut, ars moriendi, drypoint,
Housebook Master
, Heinrich Aldegrever,
, paper & papermaking,
, goldsmith stub, wood engraving, Playing card, Hans Baldung, wallpaper, Andrea Mantegna,
Melancholia I
, Michael Wolgemut, Nuremberg Chronicle, Willibald Pirckheimer,
– and various Brit wc-ists, Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon, Printing, Biblia pauperum, wet-on-wet, Printmaking, Woodblock printing in Japan,
, Timeline of clothing and textiles technology, Missal of Silos,
Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos
, manuscript, codex,
, mezzotint, Prince Rupert of the Rhine, Christopher Columbus, Daniel Chodowiecki, Bestseller, Tabard, Unicorn,
Spread of printing
, Emblem, Livery, Medal, List of best-selling books, Obverse and reverse,
History of the book
, X-ray, Infrared, Working in layers,
Philip III, Duke of Burgundy
Charles I, Duke of Burgundy
, Mary of Burgundy, Heavy cavalry, Acheiropoieta, Icon, Angel, Chludov Psalter,
Byzantine aristocracy and bureaucracy
, Iconoclasm, Albrecht Altdorfer, William Dowsing,
Antoine, bastard of Burgundy
Louis of Gruuthuse
, Lithography,
schism (religion)
, Fashion, Hennin, Ozias Humphry, Exhibition catalogue, fig leaf,
Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai
, Two Venetian Ladies, Portrait of a Man (Self Portrait?), Typology (theology), Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle,
Genealogia deorum gentilium
, Salus Populi Romani, Romanesque architecture, El Greco,
Ammonian sections
), Fresco, Relief, Sumptuary law, Yellow badge, Man of Sorrows, Four Evangelists, Serjeant Painter, Master of Saint Giles, Mérode Altarpiece, Robert Campin, William Scrots, Accession Day tilt, Rubric, Saint Anne, Book of Kells FAR, High cross, Tomb of Antipope John XXIII now FA, Origins of opera, Frieze of Parnassus, William Torell,
The Visions of Tondal

Work done on Pt2

, Resurrection of Jesus in Christian art, Animal style, Sutton Hoo, Penrith Hoard, Ivory carving, Vetusta Monumenta, Leofric Missal, Tile, ,

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Category:Iconography, Category:English people of African descent, various sub-cats of Category:Illuminated manuscripts and Category:Renaissance humanism & -ists, Category:Early printed Bibles, Category:Medallists, Category:Printers of incunabula, some sub-cats of Category:Chronicles; Category:Art history by medium, Category:Art history books, Category:Artist authors, Category:Visual arts theory, Category:Indian painting, Category:Schools of Indian painting,Category:Art history journals,Category:Literature by women,Category:Statues of the Virgin Mary,Category:European court festivities,Category:Masques & sub, Category:History of Christianity by denomination, Category:History of Christianity by geography or ethnicity, Category:First seven Ecumenical Church councils,Category:Protestant councils and synods, Category:Church councils,Category:Eastern Orthodox icons of the Virgin Mary,Category:Medieval European sculptures, Category:Ivory works of art, Category:High crosses,Category:Swiss military personnel, Category:Bridges in Venice, Category:Families of post-ancient Rome, Category:Families of Genoa, Category:Italian–French translators, Category:Arts in the court of Philip the Good,Category:Medieval European scribes, Category:Calligraphers of Arabic script, Category:Romanesque Revival architecture, Category:Reliquaries, Category:Romanesque artists, Category:Artworks in metal, Category:Gold objects, Category:Silver objects,Category:Private collections & subs, Category:Sculptures by Donatello,Category:Contemporary works of art, Category:Stained glass, Category:American pottery and Category:Ceramics manufacturers of the United States, Category:French pottery, Category:Songs in classical music, Category:Etruscan ceramics, Category:German art movements & Russian & American, Category:Woodcut cutters, Category:Indian actor-politicians, Category:Show business memoirs, Category:Memoirs of imprisonment,Category:Mosaic artists, Category:Irish monastic foundations in continental Europe, Category:Chalices, Category:Bamboo, Victims/Category:Members of the Red Army Faction, Category:Books by John Ruskin, Category:Silver-gilt objects, Category:Engraved gem artists, Category:Hardstone carving,Category:Mock-heroic English poems, Category:Gian Lorenzo Bernini buildings, Category:Individual crosses and crucifixes, Category:Woodcuts, Category:Collection of the Courtauld Institute of Art, Category:English watercolourists, Category:Paintings in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin, Category:Objects of the Berlin State Museums, Category:Pilgrimage accounts, Category:Votive offering, Category:Vitreous enamel, Category:Terracotta, Category:Steel sculptures, Category:Female Christian clergy and religious, Category:Bronze Age art, Category:Islamic illuminated manuscripts, Category:Mughal princes, Category:Mughal art, Category:Dante Alighieri, Category:National Trust, Category:Individual garments, Category:British Library Royal manuscripts, Category:Collection of The Morgan Library & Museum, Category:NATO installations in Italy, Category:Dogs in art, Category:Cattle in art, Category:Individual clocks, Category:Paintings of the Madonna and Child, Category:Crucifixion of Jesus in art, Category:Japanese paintings, Category:Augustus in Ancient Roman sculpture, Category:Early Christian art, Category:Indian rock-cut architecture, Category:Monolithic churches in Ethiopia, Category:Lists of artists by biographer, Category:Composition in visual art, Category:Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Category:Directors of the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin, Category:Physical gestures of respect, Category:Paintings of Jerome, Category:Theistic evolutionists, Category:Armour collections, Category:Western plate armour, Category:Art Nouveau architecture in the United Kingdom, Category:Churches with elements of Anglo-Saxon work, Category:Sculptures by Tilman Riemenschneider, Category:Medieval European metalwork objects, Category:Ottonian art, Category:Ottonian metalwork, Category:Ottonian illuminated manuscripts, Category:Chinese ceramic works, Category:Individual ceramics, Category:Pseudocereals, Category:Celtic brooches, Category:Individual doors, Category:Etchings, Category:Alabaster, Category:Naval war paintings, Category:Brooches, Category:Collection of Manchester Art Gallery, Category:Medieval crowns, Category:Bronze Age gold hats, Category:Munich Residenz, Category:Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Category:Nimrud, Category:Chinese furniture, Category:Tiling, Category:Roof tiles, Paintings by: William Etty, Augustus Egg,Paul Nash, William Orpen, Category:Manuscripts in Cambridge, Category:Still life paintings, Category:Pulpits, Category:Benin art, Category:French sculpture, Category:Islamic arts of the book, Category:German porcelain, Category:Individual pieces of pottery, Category:Meissen porcelain, Category:Georgian architecture in Ireland, Category:Georgian architecture in Bristol, Category:Renaissance prints, Category:Ancient Greek metalwork, Category:Anglo-Saxon artists, Category:Later Anglo-Saxon illuminated manuscripts, Category:Egyptian papyri containing images, Category:Glass works of art, Category:Indian iconography, Category:Chinese iconography, Category:Limoges enamel, Category:Historians of East Asian art, Category:Art historians by speciality, Category:Illuminated breviaries, Category:Dogs in paintings by Titian, Category:Gaddi family, Category:Historians of Indian art, Category:Roman altars, Category:Sculptures by Elisabeth Frink, Category:Clothing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Category:People of the Antikensammlung Berlin, Category:Waddesdon Manor, Category:Dulwich Picture Gallery, Category:Individual hardstone carvings, Category:Medicine in art, Category:Alternative chronologies, Category:Buddhist iconography, Category:Mauryan art, Category:Moneyers of ancient Rome, Category:Faience of France, Category:Sets of portraits, Category:Premiers peintres du Roi, Category:Paintings by Aelbert Cuyp, Category:Collection of the Cabinet des Médailles, Paris, Category:Drawings of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Category:Popes from Venice, Category:Venice in art, Category:Amsterdam in art, Category:Byzantine illuminated manuscripts, Category:Sarnath, Category:Indian Buddhist sculpture, Category:18th-century Indian women singers, Category:Narasimha temples, Category:Bohemian Gothic sculptures, Category:Statues of the Madonna and Child, Category:Cupid and Psyche, Category:Individual patterns of tableware, Category:American art pottery, Category:Printmaking groups and organizations, Category:Cast-iron sculptures, Category:Collection of Southampton City Art Gallery, Category:Roman sculpture portraits of emperors, Category:Modern tapestries, Category:British Museum in media, Category:Individual vases, Category:Church treasuries, Category:Continental gardens in the English Landscape Garden style, Scottish, Category:Mannerist sculptures, Category:Statues of the infant Jesus, Category:Ancient art in metal, Category:Ancient Roman metalwork, Category:Ancient Celtic metalwork, Category:Ancient Roman jewellery, Category:Bone carvings, Category:Collections of museums in Pakistan, Category:Collection of the National Museum of Pakistan, Category:Ceramics museums in Italy, Category:Ceramics museums in Germany, Category:Drinking horns, Category:God the Father in art, Category:Duecento sculptures, Category:Islamic glass,

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Precision of a summation in exercision of the aggregation...
Johnbod's Law—nailed it!!! —SerialNumber54129 paranoia /cheap sh*t room 15:09, 4 September 2018 (UTC)
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For your work with me on Ludwigsburg porcelain and for civilly handling my outburst. Vami_IV† 17:24, 29 August 2018 (UTC)
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Thank you very much, Johnbod, for this comment which I think best sums up where infoboxes are/aren't needed and was put much more clearly than I have ever seen before. Well done and cheers, — Insertcleverphrasehere (or here) 01:25, 16 July 2018 (UTC)
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For your suggestions and typically astute observations at the Vincent van Gogh FAC. Once again (this is becoming a habit), thank you. A small 15th c black book of hours in appreciation. Ceoil (talk) 16:04, 24 September 2016 (UTC)
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For defending reason and the full range of scholarship from agenda pushers and people who invariably get hold of the wrong end of the stick, then want to beat everyone with it. Thank you! User:Urselius (talk) 15:09, 21 November 2011 (UTC)
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To Johnbod, for work on Ancient Greek art in the 2016 Core Contest. Well done! A voucher will be on its way soon....

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The St Michael's and All Angels' 'Gong
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barnstar does not cite any references or sources.[1][2][3]
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/Life of Buddha
/seals /Medieval garden /Gardens /treading /chaperon /Byzantine dress /List of printmakers /Simple P list /Books v Works /table] /Stavelot
/Ice Age art /Science /Lining /Vices


Not me either – Boy from Al-Fayum, 2nd century, Warsaw. Encaustic on wood
GA reviewer visiting the Hermitage Museum
Henry Fuseli, The editor moved to despair at the inadequacy of Wikipedia coverage, 1778–79



  • ODNB
  • Getty Foundation, Union List of Artists' Names online
  • ref>Grove Art Online, accessed , 2007</ref>
  • Gordon Campbell, [ The Grove Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts, Volume 1], , Oxford University Press US, 2006, , 9780195189483

Paintings – Galleries

Paintings – Artists etc





Illuminated manuscripts


China and Japan


BL: Grabar, Oleg. Réunion des musées nationaux (France) Masterpieces of Islamic art : c2009. LC.31.b.7562 Brend, Barbara. British Library. The Emperor Akbar’s Khamsa of Niẓāmī / 1995. YC.1995.b.8037 ORW.1995.a.1942 q96/27961 DSC


Other Asian



Art general



Johnbod's Law

  • 5 refs on a line is almost always a sign of trouble.
LOL, let me second that. YamaPlos talk 23:32, 10 October 2018 (UTC)

To do:

Early Jazz

Sort out Genre art and genre painting!

Leaf crown, hunting lodge [2], Spiral fluting, Swiss waist, 16th-century Piedmontese engraver Georges Reverdy [fr; it



Disambiguation/articles needed: Garden of Love,

  • Aristotle and Phyllis: [3], [4]

Charlemagne vatican cross: Lasko, [5], [6], CA,

Too many articles:

Deletion some time: Merge tags added:

Stretched images: Image:Paoloveronese.jpg, Image:Raphael_missing.jpg and b\w version, Image:Charles I of England.jpg Offers to find/restore to correct aspect ratio very welcome!

Toys, gizmos

The Gavrillo Princip Award for exceptional efforts towards the total elimination of all HAPSBURGS Johnbod (talk) 22:43, 15 October 2008 (UTC)- Returned to sender

This is fun ; from it I learn that that the average time between my edits on Cabinet is 235.7 days. new edit counter

WP article view counter: This state of the art tool allows you to tell how few people see your work.

Ancient history: 2001 page views

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For your own use, you might want to try out this tool that generates a citation from a PubMedID, PMCID, etc:

and this one for Google books:
Hope those are helpful. --RexxS (talk) 22:51, 9 February 2020 (UTC)
) 22:52, 9 February 2020 (UTC)
  • GLAMorgan tool - quick Baglama
  • WikiProject Cleanup Listings Very handy.
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# setting date prefs Fashion links

An increasing number of doctoral dissertations are also available in electronic form. Here (Swedish website, but not too difficult to understand, I think) is a collection of links to databases in various countries (Frankrike=France, Norge=Norway, Tyskland=Germany) containing dissertations and other university publications in electronic form. (The following section is for Swedish universities, and includes a link to the DIVA Portal database contains dissertations, other university publications, and unpublished undergraduate theses from several Swedish and Norwegian universities. Search can be filtered to only include doctoral dissertations. As on many of these sites, an English interface can be selected.) Olaus 11:56, 11 September 2007 (UTC)


Invaluable Summaries of Wikipedia content

All you need to know

Proportion of Wikipedia articles by category. Each book represents one article in the sample, or about 5,000 articles on Wikipedia. Graphic by User:Mliu92


  • Peacock Prize: "He found the answers to his adolescent doubts in communication with the trees, the wind, and the Ocean… From the youngest years of his life, Michel de Séréville was impressed by the wild forces of nature.
(a paragraph striked out.Reason: bad grammar, spelling mistakes, no citations)

Things I've been called

a member of the "militaristic-artistic" faction
by Attilios and LoveMonkey, too many to mention, but then many people can say the same ...
(Chinese) ethnocentric....
a terrier
Hindutva thought-school
"highly irregular"
Don't argue with me you're not even Indian
you brain-dead American mutt


{ {uw-v2|}} { {uw-v3|}}

Visual arts-related AfDs

PROD {{ XXX subst:prod|concern= reason for proposed deletion}}

1) Go to: Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Visual arts, edit and add article to list where instucted (in edit mode only), copying the line from last article, & changing the name (or using the example in the text at the top of the page).

2) Go to the article's listing at AfD (which must have been set up in the usual way), and add : THIS BIT>> {{subst:LVD}} <<  : It should go under the article details and above the nom statement, as it is a formal notice and not part of the debate. It will sign your name with date stamp automatically.

Please pass on to others. Mnemonic: List of Visual arts-related Deletions.

Template to use:



Tyrenius 00:18, 28 February 2007 (UTC)

The template can only be used for AfDs listed on Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Visual arts or the wording won't make any sense! Tyrenius 03:07, 28 February 2007 (UTC)

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