Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure (Sweden)

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Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure
Landsbygds- och infrastrukturdepartementet
Ministry of Rural Affairs (2014)
JurisdictionSFS 2022:1873
HeadquartersHerkulesgatan 17, Stockholm
Ministers responsible

The Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure (Swedish: Landsbygds- och infrastrukturdepartementet) is a ministry in the Government of Sweden responsible for policies related to rural areas, food and land- and water-based industries, regional development, transport and infrastructure, housing, and community planning.

The ministry is currently headed by the Minister for Rural Affairs, Peter Kullgren of the Christian Democrats.[2]


The ministry was established on 1 January 2023 when the responsibilities of the Ministry of Infrastructure was merged with the responsibilities carried out by the

Ministry of Enterprise
, forming the Ministry for Rural Affairs and Infrastructure.

It's located on Herkulesgatan 17 in Stockholm.

Government agencies and other bodies

The Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure is principal for 15 government agencies and one state-owned company.


State-owned companies[4]

Policy areas[5]

  • Housing and community planning
  • Regional development
  • Rural affairs
  • Transport and infrastructure

Cabinet ministers

Ministers for Rural Affairs

Ministers for Infrastructure

Ministers for Housing

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